What You Need To Know As a Homeowner

homeowner-checklistOwning your home is not only a great investment financially, it is also a great investment for your family.  Although owning a home gives you freedom in making any home improvements you desire, as well as a great way to put your monthly house payment into a long term investment and not in someone else’s pocket, there are also the times when owning your home can cost a lot of money too.  When your AC unit goes out and it needs to be replaced, or perhaps your water heater is having issues etc. While homeowners can’t completely control the repairs and issues that may happen in their home, being aware and knowing what to look for can make all the difference. Check out our list of things every homeowner should be aware of and no how to handle should any of these issues occur.

What Every Homeowner Should Know


  • AC/Furnace- As a homeowner you want to keep both of these units in the best condition possible.  When one has an issue it can often lead to costly repairs or even more expensive replacements.  By changing their filters regularly you help to keep them in the best working condition possible. Mark your calendar or set an alert on your smartphone for when a filter change is needed.  Some benefit from being replaced monthly while other systems can be changed every 3 months. Do a little bit or research on your unit and determine the best schedule.
  • Monitor Your Water Heater- By performing a monthly check on your water heater you are helping yourself to stay ahead of any repairs or issues that may occur.  Often times water heaters can start to leak from normal wear and tear especially the drain or relief valves. These tend to leak over time and are an easy fix.  If your actual water tank is leaking however, you have a much bigger problem. If the leak goes unattended it can often lead to flooding and water damage which can be extremely expensive to repair.  By monitoring your water heater you can help to prevent bigger problems before they happen and catch leaks when they are small.
  • Galvanized Pipes- Galvanized pipes in your home tend to clog over time due togalavnized-pipes mineral build up.  If you notice that your faucet isn’t producing a sufficient water stream chances are your piping is to blame.  While it’s best to replace galvanized piping there are a few other tactics you can try to help minimize mineral build up.  
  • Caulking Issues- This one goes hand in hand with home improvements and caulking repairs.  Whenever setting out to caulk something avoid using a squeeze tube which will lead to messy looking uneven caulking.  Instead get the job done efficiently and right the first time by investing in a caulking gun. It will save you a mess and also help to make your caulking flawless!

While there are numerous other things to be aware of or monitor as a homeowner in the end the more you know the better you will be.  Learn new homeowner tips each week, take a look at your property and assess things. Afterall now that you own your home the only person to call when something breaks or needs replacing is yourself and your chosen repairman.  By maintaining your home and it’s appliances you will set yourself up to combat expensive repairs and replacements before they actually occur.