The Importance Of Paint Colors~


Making improvements to your home is always refreshing and can often add or decrease overall value of your home.  One of the simplest forms of home improvement is painting! However what most don’t necessarily know is that the color you choose is very important, especially if you are looking to put your home back on the market. Not only is the exterior color of your home important but the interior colors as well!  We have created a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to both interior & exterior paint colors.

The Best & Worst Colors For Home Resale Value

Interior Walls- It is best to go with neutral colors such as pale blue or gray when painting the interior walls of your home.  These lighter color more versatile colors help to open up your home and make it appear larger. These colors are also neutral enough to allow prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

Kitchen-  Your goal is to keep your kitchen looking open and clean.  Colors such askitchen-paint soft gray or light blue help achieve this goal.  While some think yellow hues will add the effect of fresh sunlight this is not the case.   In fact those homes with kitchens done in yellow hues often sold for much less on average than those with soft & light blue or gray hues.

interior-home-paintBathrooms- To follow the neutral pale blue or gray hues suggested for interior walls bathrooms over a lot more value to your home when done in light powder blue or periwinkle.  Many people leave their bathrooms eggshell or off white which in fact does nothing to add value to your home. Instead it can actually help to bring down the value of your home.

Living Room- Our favorite word when it comes to interior paint is neutral!  Neutral living-roomtones like light beige or an oatmeal type color sound blah and boring but in actuality painting your living room in these colors can add a lot of value to your overall homes worth.  Colors such as gray and blue are not suggested for the living rooms spaces. The beige colors help to coordinate with different types and colors of furniture.

exterior-paint-homeExterior Colors- The perfect color for the outside of your home is a new found color to the color spectrum simply called greige.  Think gray mixed with a bit of blue. Again these colors are soft and help to make the home appear pleasing to a variety of potential buyers eyes.  They also help to blend well with the landscape and other yard features. Colors in hues of brown or even stucco homes have shown to sell for a lot less than those done in the more neutral tones of greige!

Your home is your sanctuary and in the end the color schemes and choices you go with are entirely yours!  If you plan on staying in your current home for some time go wild with your colors and really paint your rooms what you envision.  However, when selling your home to maximize your return on investment and really get top value from your home it will benefit you greatly to follow these color guidelines!