Plumbing Upgrades For Your Home

Perhaps one of the best improvements on your home you can make, but that is often overlooked has to do with plumbing! That’s right, upgrading your home’s plumbing system or even just the fixtures can not only add quite a bit to it’s resale value but also can aid in your family’s health and safety as well! Cure All Plumbing, a reputable plumbing company based out of Tempe, Arizona advised us on exactly what plumbing improvements can be made and how they bring value to your home. Check out our list of plumbing upgrades to see which ones your home may benefit from!

Plumbing Improvements & Upgrades 

  • Fixtures & Small Upgrades- Sometimes starting with the small things is exactly what you need. If you are looking to add small and somewhat inexpensive upgrades to youplimbing-upgradesr home start by replacing your plumbing fixtures.  We are talking about faucets, shower heads, sinks etc.  Updating the look of your fixtures or installing new and improved parts can really add a lot of value in a small way!
  • Low Flow Devices- Adding low flow devices to shower haeds and faucets can help save you water and money. It’s a win win situation. Also having a more energy efficient only save you as the homeowner on monthly bills it is also a great perk when placing your home on the market for potential buyers.
  • Toilets & Water Heaters- While a little more expensive than just installing low flow devices replacing your toilet or water heater with a more energy efficient model will help save you money and make your home more eco friendly. For example a more energywater-heater efficient toilet will use 1 ½ gallons of water to flush instead of the 5 gallons older models use. In the long run you recoup the money you spent on upgrading your toilet or water heater on your water bill alone.
  • Older Plumbing Piping Systems– Now we are getting to the big upgrades! However, these upgrades not only add value to your home but can often save you on costly repairs in the long run, as well as benefit your family’s health. Homes built before or during the 1970’s usually have galvanized piping that makes up their systems.  Because of the material that makes up these pipes internal corrosion is a common occurrence especially over a long period of time.  The debris from this corrosion can in turn get into your water and create many health concerns for those drinking water from out of these pipes.  Blockage and bursting of pipes can also occur from the long term effects of the corrosion and wear and tear.  If you should still have galvanized pipes making up your plumbing system it is best to have them replaced with copper piping.  It will save you a lot of money on future repairs and also ensure the health of those in the home.
  • Older Sewage Systems- Just as plumping systems were made of galvanized pipes in earlier times same goes for the material making up your sewage system. Older materials used for sewage systems such as cast iron, plastic and clay can cause issues within your plumbing system as well as future expensive repairs. It is best to upgrade sewage systems made from these outdated plumbing materials to PVC pipes.  The PVC pipes are a lot more durable and allow your sewage system to function not only more efficiently but also a lot more safely as well.  Plus the added value to your home is a great perk tool.

copper-plumbing-pipesIf you are unsure of what your homes plumbing system is actually comprised of or are in need of advice as to what upgrades to start with we advise you to contact a plumbing expert like those found at Cure All.  Plumbing systems are quite intricate and any issues or malfunctions with in them can not only be costly in repairs but can also cause a lot of damage to your home.  The added value upgrading your plumbing system brings to your home along with the money it can save you on water and utilities bills every month is a great home improvement investment!