Is Solar Power Right For Your Home?

solar-powered-energyMany homeowners are jumping on the solar energy wagon and having solar panels installed in their homes, in hopes of saving money on utilities, earning that solar power tax break, and making their homes more energy efficient.  What many homeowners also want to know is what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing solar panels and is it worth the cost? We got the lowdown on both the pros and cons of installing solar power panels and if they fit certain areas better than others. Big Island Solar, a solar panel installation company on the Big Island of Hawaii, was our go to for the most sound solar advice out there.  Why? These guys are based in a state that perhaps receives more sunshine every year than Florida which is actually nicknamed the Sunshine State. They not only are fair business people, they also believe in it making complete sense for the homeowner to install solar paneling. Although solar energy is great for a lot of people it may not be the right for fit others. See If solar power is right for your next home improvement!

Advantages Of Solar Power For Your Home

  • Save On Energy Bills- This is probably the top reason many people obtain a solar power system for their home.  Depending on the size and amount of solar panels installed and the amount of electricity and heat you use in your home, solar systems aid in providing energy thus lowering your utility bills.  What’s also great is should you produce more solar energy then you use you can sell the energy back to the grid system should you have on grid solar power. Seems like a win win situation right!
  • Renewable Energy- Although some areas in the world are better than others duesolar-panel-installation to the amount of sunshine verses rain and cloud coverage they recieve, pretty much anyone can benefit from solar energy.  Not only is it a renewable energy source the sun isn’t going anywhere for a long time and thus a natural form of power that can be utilized while saving other energy sources.
  • Minimal Upkeep/Maintenance Costs- Many solar company manufacturers offer a long term warranty plan of up to 25 years should you have any issues etc with your panels.  Also maintenance is relatively easy and panels only need to be cleaned a few times of year. There are generally no parts that need to be changed regularly or that suffer wear and tear that will aid in slower performance.
  • Tax Break- a tax break is available to those who qualify and go about the tax break procedures.  Check with your states criteria and also ask your solar panel company the ins and out and they will help point you in the right direction

Disadvantages Of Solar Power For Your Home


  • Initial Cost- the upfront cost of purchasing your solar system and having it installed can be quite daunting to people.  The costs include the purchase of the solar panels themselves, wiring, the inverter(part that converts the sun into solar energy) batteries, and the installation fees.   While it may seem a huge initial cost over time it will eventually pay for itself in the form of lower energy bills and even the selling of unused power like we mentioned above.
  • renewable-energy-sourceWeather Dependency- The weather that you associate with the area you live in is of great importance when making the decision to convert to solar power.  Even a few rainy days in an usually sunny place cab alter the amount of energy you are able to collect. Also no solar power can be collected at night. If you live in a rainy place like seattle a few solar panels may be beneficial in aiing your usual power supply but wont’ be as effective if you had solar panels and lived in say, Hawaii.
  • Pollution?- Many people are baffled to hear that solar panels can be associated with pollution when they are helping to save other sources of energy that is not naturally renewable.  However, the installation of solar panels is associated with the letting off of greenhouse gases which we know can definitely affect the earth and our environment.

There are a few more advantages and disadvantages to choosing to go the solar energy route. In the end it depends on the individuals needs, budget, and investment purposes.  It is best to schedule a consultation with a reputable solar panel expert in your area and weigh out all of your pros and cons before making your final decision.