Home Improvement Do’s & Don’ts

Starting your home improvement journey can be somewhat daunting especially when taking on a lot of the tasks yourselves.  That is why we have compiled a guide on some of the Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to home improvements. Check out our guidelines before you begin and it just might save you time, money, and A LOT of frustration!

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Home Improvements

the-dos-home-improvementsThe Do’s-

  • Pay attention to details even the small ones.  While you don’t want to get completely caught up in all of the small things it is important to pay attention to details.  For example, putting in new bathroom fixtures opt for the slightly upgraded ones. Why? Small details like this go along way when a potential buyer is looking at your home.
  • Be Prepared! Although the world would be a much easier place if everything went according to plan that is often times not the case. Expecting the unexpected will help save you a lot of headache and won’t come as such a surprise should something go wrong or not according to plan
  • Have a Plan! That being said have a plan.  Put a budget & timeline in place.  Home improvements are often time consuming (say goodbye to weekends and down time) and can end up being more expensive than budgeted.  Having a little breathing room when it comes to expense and a general idea of when you want to complete the project but will give you better structure when starting any project.
  • Be Ready to Eat Expenses- Sometimes your vision of home improvements might not be true for others.  Say you add a pool and the new buyers rather not have one with small children in the home.  They might opt to have it removed. Don’t get frustrated! Either hold true to your asking price if you are selling, eat the mall difference in their offer because of the pool removal or hold out until a pool friendly family comes along.
  • Know when to seek professional help! This can often be hard to admit to or really know when you are in over your head.  When it comes to plumbing, electrical issues, or even garage door repair or installation it is very important that you consult a professional and seek their help before things get out of hand or someone gets injured.  This falls into having a safety net for unexpected costs.



donts-of-home-improvementsThe Don’ts-


  • Don’t Cut Corners- While it may seem easier and to save time to cut a few corners this undoubtedly will come back to bite you in the butt!  Certain things when it comes to home improvements just can’t be simplified no matter how much it would benefit you. Stick to the plan or modified plan and stay strong, we promise you will get through this!
  • Don’t Go The Cheap Route-  While this is similar to cutting corners, opting for cheaper light fixtures and what not might just end up costing you more money in the long run.  Thing quality and durability!
  • Seek just any help- Don’t just pick any contractor, plumber or electrician etc from the phone book.  Look for reputable referrals or do your research before choosing a company. This goes back to quality and not cutting corners.  If you are paying to have the job done you want quality time withstanding work by an experienced professional.


Sticking to these Do’s & Don’ts guidelines will help to ensure your home improvement projects go as smoothly as possible.  Always remember that frustration and fatigue might most often occur. Take a break when necessary and reassess the situation once you have had time to cool off and think level headedly.