Adding a Pool To Your Home

If you are looking to add value to your home one of the surefire ways to do so is by adding a pool to your home. But buyer beware, as pools are not practical everywhere, and require a lot of maintenance you might not be ready for.  Considering these pros and cons before you decide to add a pool is a great start.

Pros Of Adding A Pool To Your Property

  • If you live in a place where the temperature routinely reaches over 100 degrees, having a pool right in your backyard will provide immediate relief
  • If you have kids, they will love playing in the pool for hours and hours
  • Set up a slide, pool basketball, or any other pool-related games
  • No need to pay for a trip to the pool
  • No lifeguards and no adult swim
  • No one disposing of unwanted waste in the pool
  • Can customize your pool to have a bar or anything you want
  • Great place to host a party

Cons Of Adding A Pool To Your Property

  • If you live in a cold environment or any place where the temp drops below 50 degrees, then you will have to shut down your pool for months
  • Pools require a ton of maintenance. From scooping out leaves to replacing chlorine. You will always keep an eye on your pool to make sure algae isn’t growing. You can always pay someone to maintain your pool for you, but it will cost a lot more than maintaining it yourself.
  • If you have kids, they are always at a risk for drowning, slipping, and hurting themselves. So you as the parent always need to be the lifeguard. 
  •  Most pools or water parks have more attractions like wave pools, lazy river, big water slides, diving board, etc… while your home pool can usually only have a diving board and maybe a slide
  • The deeper you want your pool, the more it costs to build